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TheHijabStore adalah kedai tudung online yang menjual tudung terkini serta pakaian fashion muslimah seperti jubah, abaya dubai, blouse dan skirt. Belian secara ‘retail’ dan borong disediakan.

Tudung cotton size L & M (Copy)

  • We are a legitimate and registered company with Suruhanjaya Syarikat Malaysia under the name of THE HIJAB STORE 2 U, registration number 002273686-U.
  • The Hijab Store started its online business in March 2010.
  • Our mission is to deliver the best customer service and to ultimately be your trusted online hijab store of choice.
  • We are an online seller for:
    • Tudung
    • Skirts
    • Abaya/Jubah
    • Blouses – Cotton blouses for muslimah
  • Why should you shop with us?
    • Our selections of hijabs are simple, practical and elegant.
    • We do a pre-quality check for you where by we scrutinize for any defects on the product prior to your payment.
    • We have delivered to customers in Peninsular and East Malaysia as well as other satisfied customers in the UK, US, Japan and Australia.

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Managing Director & Owner of Hijabs… Love At First Sight!