Tudung Kanak-kanak

Tudung Kanak-kanak

Thinking of getting new tudungs for your little ones for this coming Hari Raya 2016? Look no further, we have a variety of designs to choose from! Is your little one into ribbons and embellishments? We have Instant Shawl Riben for kids, it’s easy to wear and fancy enough for your little hijabista =) This […]

Tudung Kanak-Kanak

Salam =) We’ve restocked Tudung Kanak-kanak in fun watermelon prints! We bet your kids will love them. The tudungs are made from soft denim like fabric and chiffon. It fits kids from 3 to about 8 years old. The length is approximately 12.5″, so please check to make sure it’s the right size for you […]

Dahlia Instant Shawl

What’s new on our website? It’s Dahlia Instant Shawl an exclusive shawl made from quality Korean lycra The shawl is a rectangular shawl that has been sewn 1/3 of the way to create the face part of the instant shawl Just put it on like a Tudung Syria and wrap the excess around your head. […]

Petunia Cotton Instant Shawl

Petunia Cotton Instant Shawl is a simple tudung that is easy to wear. Look at the tutorial below on how to wear the tudung: You only need one pin to get the look! Petunia Cotton Instant Shawl is made from soft cotton fabric.  This type of tudung is popularized by the Nealofar brand but Petunia […]

Terms & Conditions

Terms At thehijabstore2u.com, we are committed to making your shopping easy. Please read the following terms and conditions before making a purchase with us. Please ensure that you have acknowledged, understood and have agreed to follow the following terms and conditions. Making a purchase 1. Please ensure that item, colour, size, quantity and address are […]